hei I'M BACK with new dream


haahah not in really good mood actually..
don't know why..
it just too many new things happen,
no!! i don't said it was bad memory,,
im think i was a bit tired,, i need rest..
it was nice, full of new experience actually, such as,
who guess im be one of the perticipant in Nadwah Islamiah program/competition..
i want to tell about it,,
about persons that i know from that program....
meet many people from MRSM seMalaysia..

AND ACCORDING TO THE TITTLE,, yes i have a new drean..
yeah i know, guess that i have mention about 100 time that i have new dream bla3.
but this time a bit differences..
dream to be a sucess human, with excellent result in everything i do..
want to be a great hamba Allah,, please pray for me,
want to be a good daughter that will make my parents proud of me,,
want to be a good friend,, and hope they will always remember me,,,
and to achieve all the dream i need change,,!! to a better ways..

"if you want to achieve extraordinary success, you need to do something extraordinary"

hahha sorry if i make many grammar or spelling mistakes...
trying to be a better person,, <3

mmm forget to tell,
it's weird right when a hostel girl have her holiday when everibody busy with their school days..
haha im back home until this Sunday for replacing my school holidays last week..